Celebrating 100 Years

Recognizing current and former board members at the centennial Donor and Prayer Partners Banquet.

We invite you to join us in our Centennial celebration in the 2019-2020 year. Catch up on the latest news and special commemorative content, and browse through a collection of photos and video from our first 100 years.

News & Updates

Lloyd Weaver, Sr., (center) ministered to Japanese military officers in Newport News.

Tidewater Virginia: Our Antioch

Robert Mast, having served a lifetime with Virginia Conference and VMMissions, says of eastern Virginia, “We know that in the time of the early church, ministry began in Jerusalem. Later, Antioch became an important mission center. The Shenandoah Valley is the Jerusalem of Virginia Mennonite Conference. But, realize, Tidewater Virginia is our Antioch!” What made that particular context so special? How could one region spawn and support so many different ministries and church plants? How did VMMissions contribute to the picture, promoting greater faithfulness and fruitfulness?…

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Beginnings: Called to the Mountains

By Aaron Kauffman   In the early days, mission vision emerged at the district level of Virginia Mennonite Conference. Middle District was exemplary in mobilizing witness over the mountains into West Virginia. Though many declined the invitation to serve, a steady stream of workers labored over the years, eventually giving birth to over a dozen churches. This story of Rhine and Anna Benner is one of many inspiring accounts.…

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From the archives

Mahlon Blosser preached at first service in Good Tidings Church, Kingston, Jamaica 1957, with Roy Kiser (VMC Archives)

What's happening at VMMissions?

E3 Collective

E3 Collective is an initiative of VMMissions that invites followers of Jesus to participate in healthy and holistic short-term (a week or more) mission experiences. As the name “collective” suggests, these are team-based experiences.